Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ)
Date: 02, February 2002

Neon towers light CD collection

As an organizational tool, VOS has come up with neon CD towers that can provide a back lighted glow to your collection.

Neon towers light CD collectionThe basic tower comes with a royal-blue-colored filter that illuminates the edges of CD jewel cases to produce a cool, stylish glow wherever you keep your discs.

The towers hold 50 or 100 CDs yet take up only one square of floor space.  They are made of metal and wood and have a black powder-coat finish.

Each tower includes a four-foot fluorescent light fixture.  Red, green, yellow, pink, blue and multicolored filter kits are sold separately, so you can select the right color or color combination to suit the mood in your den, living room or home theater.

The 50-CD tower costs [$129.95] and the 100-CD version sells for [$149.95].  Color-filter kits are available for $9.95 each.

Details: 1-800-596-0061.