Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH)
Date: 06, January 2002

[Image Caption: The neon-glowing CD tower might be just the trick for organizing a sprawling music collection.]

A bright idea for storing a growing CD collection

A bright idea for storing a growing CD collection

Even for late adapters who held on to vinyl records longer than everyone else, music CD collections by now may approach critical mass, and storing and organizing one's aural gems has become an issue.

VOS Systems Inc.'s new Neon CD Towers are one possible solution.

At least, they are for anyone who's interior decor can accommodate a tall, brightly glowing apparatus that emits a green, red, blue, yellow or pink aura.

There's no purple haze available yet, but consumers can get all five hues in a single unit in order to color code their CDs, the California manufacturer said.

It gives no clue on how to integrate such splashes of neon light into a room's color scheme, but calls its storage towers "striking yet tasteful."

VOS promotional material suggests that "these units function as both CD storage and accent lighting that will blend in naturally with any room in your home."  The metal and wood units come in 50- or 100-CD configurations for [$129.95] and [$149.95] plus $9.95 for each color filter kit.

They're currently not available in area retail stores, but those interested can purchase the units on the VOS web site, , or by phone: 800-596-0061.