The IntelaVoice Dimmerô

The device is a Voice Operated Dimmer Switch and the second in a series of voice operated products with high quality speech recognition. The IntelaVoice Dimmerô switch was developed in response to customer demand for reliable and affordable voice dimming automation.



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USE IT TO CONTROL: Most types of lights including incandescent and halogen.


The IntelaVoice Dimmerô switch is a stand alone unit. Installation is as simple as plugging it into a standard outlet and then plugging the item to be controlled into the IntelaVoice Dimmerô switch. Our voice controlled unit operates on 120 volts AC / 60 Hz and it is capable of handling loads up to 200 watts (max power). However, we recommend only using lamps up to 150 watts with the switch.



  • 3 levels of Brightness

  • Conserves energy; increases bulb life Constant listening.

  • Speaker independent operation, allowing it to work with anyone's voice.

  • Preprogrammed vocabulary, no training required.

  • High speed speech recognition and command response.