January 8, 1998

"IntelaVoice™" Light Switch Wins AVIOS Consumer Product of the Year Award for 1997

San Diego, CA -- The world's first voice activated light switch won the Best Consumer Product of the Year award from AVIOS (American Voice Input/Output Society) for 1997. The AVIOS awards program recognizes the best advanced voice technology products or applications that involve speech recognition.

The "IntelaVoice™" voice-operated switch lets consumers "talk to" lights and other small electrical appliances, commanding them to turn on or off. The IntelaVoice™ light switch is manufactured by VOS Systems Inc. and is currently sold through various catalogues, retail outlets, and directly from VOS Systems. Retailing for less than $30, the switch offers state-of-the-art speech recognition technologies developed by Sensory, Inc.

"Throughout the development of the IntelaVoice™ light switch, VOS Systems and Sensory worked together as a team, combining each company's core competencies, to give consumers a reliable product featuring advanced speech recognition technology," reports Rick Matulich of VOS Systems. "The AVIOS award is the industry's recognition of that successful partnership."

The IntelaVoice™ switch comes ready to use with advanced power-up programming using voice commands instead of switches to chose from 4 pre-set speaker independent commands. There is no need for users to do anything but plug the device into a wall outlet and plug the lamp or small appliance to be controlled into the switch.

The switch can be used from distances as far away as 30 feet. An 8-bit micro controller combined with neural network technology from Sensory, Inc. provides high reliability and ease-of-use. An optional external microphone is available for installations that require the switch to be located behind furnishings.

Driven by new technologies in speech recognition, VOS Systems, based in Poway, California was founded in 1995 for the purpose of designing and manufacturing consumer electronic products to give people voice command of their living environment.

VOS Systems challenges current mainstream manufacturers by giving the average consumer affordable home automation. IntelaVoice™ is a trademark of VOS Systems. Sensory, Inc., based in Sunnyvale, California, offers high quality, low-cost speech recognition solutions that "bring life to products." The partnering arrangement plans to bring several exciting new voice operated products for consumer, telephony and office use. More information on each company and its products can be found by visiting www.vossystems.com and www.sensoryinc.com. # # #

VOS SYSTEMS INC., and IntelaVoice are trademarks of VOS SYSTEMS INC.. All other trademarks belong to their respective holders.

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