August 16, 1999


IntelaVoice™ The World's First Voice-Activated Light Switch Enhances Safety & Security With Voice Automation

POWAY, CA -- VOS Systems Inc., manufacturers of state-of-the-art, next-generation speech recognition products has unveiled the newest way to turn on a light switch: the IntelaVoice™. This 21st century technology combines the ease and reliability of voice operated products with the convenience and affordability of voice automation.

IntelaVoice™ is the smart, new way to turn on a light switch. No more groping or fumbling in the dark for a light switch. IntelaVoice™ turns lights and other small appliances on and off at the sound of your voice -- using a one-word command!

Developed in response to consumer demand for dependable and affordable voice automated products, the IntelaVoice™ is the first product of its kind. This revolutionary product will enhance safety and security at the home or office lighting entryways, garages, basements -- or any other place that's dark -- at your voice command. And, the IntelaVoice™ works with most types of lighting including incandescent, fluorescent and lights with dimmer switches at a distance of up to 20 feet.

Installing the IntelaVoice™ couldn't be easier, and that's good news for your customers! Simply plug IntelaVoice into any standard outlet and plug the device to be controlled into the IntelaVoice. No wiring is necessary, no tools are needed and no complicated instructions are required. It takes only seconds.

IntelaVoice™ is a "must have" product revolution. It's perfect for families with small children, senior citizens, the physically challenged and anyone who is uneasy about entering a dark area. Since it works virtually anywhere, that adds up to multiple sales for retailers.

Unlike other sound-activated devices that require clapping, the IntelaVoice™ turns lights on and off with a simple one word command: "lights!" It is also pre-programmed with three other vocal commands that allow customers to turn on and off radios, television sets, fans and other small appliances.

The American Voice Input/Output Society (AVIOS) was so impressed with the IntelaVoice™ that it awarded it the Best Consumer Product of 1997.

Consumers are also raving about this incredible new lighting concept, and here are just a few of the reasons:

IntelaVoice™ is fun, convenient and affordable,

IntelaVoice™ eliminates the hazards of groping in the dark for a wall switch or table lamp,

IntelaVoice™ requires no complicated installation process -- it simply plugs into any wall outlet,

IntelaVoice™ offers a long overdue, hands-free convenience for the physically challenged, senior citizens, children or anyone who has trouble reaching wall switches or moving freely about the house,

IntelaVoice™ eliminates those unsightly smudge marks around the wall switch,

IntelaVoice™ features high-speed speech recognition and response, and Speaker-independent operation, so it works with anyone's voice,

and, IntelaVoice™ provides priceless security and peace of mind by lighting the way for anyone who is uncomfortable in dark areas.

The IntelaVoice™ is available in a variety of POP merchandising displays and features colorful, eye-catching graphics. The suggested retail price is $29.95. Also available is the LiteMic™, an external microphone that can be used to enhance the operation of the IntelaVoice™ in hidden places such as behind a sofa or bookcase or under a desk. Suggested retail price of the LiteMic™ is $9.95.

In 1995, VOS Systems Inc. joined forces with Sensory, Inc., a leading provider of low-cost, high-quality speech recognition technology. This partnering arrangement led to the development of the IntelaVoice™ and other voice-operated consumer products that are in pre-production. In late 2000, VOS plans to unveil its latest design, a wall-mounted IntelaVoice™.

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