General Description


VOS Systems is the pioneer in successful speech recognition technologies for consumer products and integrated appliance applications. By providing today the technology of tomorrow, the company's products are the essence of high-tech and ease-of-use, satisfying consumers' needs for convenience, economy and practicality. One tremendous advantage of the VOS product line is its international versatility; products are designed to work with all languages and power sources.


VOS Systems has successfully partnered with Sensory, Inc. of Sunnyvale, California, a recognized leader in the production of micro controllers and neural networks for speech recognition applications. This relationship has resulted in the development and introduction of several products. This partnership delivers accurate noise immune speech recognition including Speaker Independent (SI) and/or Speaker Dependent (SD) recognition technologies.



Key Technologies

  • Sensory’s Patented Neural Network Architecture

  • High Accuracy Speech Recognition

  • Speaker Independent (SI) Speech Recognition

  • Speaker Dependent (SD) Speech Recognition

  • Speech Synthesis and Compression for Voice Prompts

  • Continuous Listening

  • Excellent Noise Immunity




  • Hands Free Environmental Control through Voice Activation

  • Biometric Security

  • Integration into Appliance Applications

  • Integration into Consumer Products

  • Telephony, Automotive and Handheld Applications

  • Environmental Controls such as lighting and climate applications